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Optimisation COMP331 / COMP557.
Department of Computer Science Optimisation COMP331 / COMP557. 2020-Jan-10, 1635, An updated solution for homework 10 has been uploaded. 2019-Dec-15, 1600, All homework solutions have been uploaded. 2019-Dec-06, 1245, Lecture notes have been updated. 2019-Dec-06, 1230, A solution for homework 11 has been uploaded.
Budget Optimisation Data2Decisions.
It is a complex problem that has been made even more complicated by the growth of digital throughout the past few years. Nowadays, marketers have to consider their owned media website, Facebook page and earned media views, comments, re-tweets alongside paid for media such as TV or YouTube. At Data2Decisions we have developed a proprietary tool called Polestar to optimise media budgets based on outputs from modelling.
NAFEMS Optimisation.
The focus is on the application of design optimisation techniques in engineering analysis and simulation. The Optimisation Working Group has formed an online community which allows the NAFEMS membership to engage with experts on the NAFEMS Optimisation Working Group OWG.
Seminar and PhD Seminar on Combinatorics, Games and Optimisation.
Seminar and PhD Seminar on Combinatorics, Games and Optimisation. Below you'll' find the programme for the Seminar and PhD Seminar on Combinatorics, Games and Optimisation. This seminar series covers many of the research areas in the Department: discrete mathematics, algorithms, game theory and operational research.
Optimise Pain Rehabilitation Unit Oxford University Hospitals.
If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, then our service is designed to help you. The Optimise Pain Rehabilitation Unit offers expert advice and treatment for musculoskeletal and neuropathic-pain which has not responded to other treatments.
Computational Optimisation and Learning COL Lab The University of Nottingham.
However, the nature of the group changed over time with a gradual change towards optimisation and learning with new academics and new funding so in 2019 as a group we decided to relaunch as COL which better represents who we are and what we research.
Optimisation Lancaster University.
Professor Konstantinos Zografos. Centre for Transport Logistics CENTRAL, Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in the UK, DSI Foundations, Lancaster Intelligent, Robotic and Autonomous Systems Centre, Mathematical Models and Algorithms for Allocating Scarce Airport Resource OR-MASTER, Optimisation, STOR-i Centre for Doctoral Training.
OPtimising Treatment for MIld Systolic hypertension in the Elderly Oxford University Primary Care Clinical Trials Unit.
To see if reducing the number of blood pressure lowering medications can improve the quality of life of individuals entering older age. Patients over 80 years old with well-controlled blood pressure and who take two or more blood pressure lowering drugs will be invited to take part in OPTiMISE.

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